Garbhsanskar Treatment in Bhuj Kutch

Garbhsanskar Treatment

Garbh Sanskar is very important sanskar from 16 sanskaras of Indian tredition. One should become a parent by choice, not by chance. Before becoming parents, they should prepare themselves first.

Dear mother to be… what you eat, what you think, why you think, how you behave will definitely reflect in your child. So be capable of giving a spiritual womb. Then and then only you will be happy to have a child & the child will be happy that he was fortunate to have a mother like you.

Throughout this journey, Garbh Sanskar will help you at each and every step.

  • During preparation, pre-medication and panchakarma.
  • During pregnancy month to month medicine, food, lifestyle, yoga, counselling (मासानुमासिक परिचर्या).
  • After birth, mother care and child care (सुतिका परिचर्या).

all these things are taken care of by Garbhsanskar


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