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Ayurvedic Hospital | Dr Deval Jethva | Sanskruti Ayurvedam

About Ayurved

Ayurved is the only science that teaches how to live and how to be healthy.
The principles of Ayurved are eternal and never changes with time or with any condition.

Of course, it has root cure treatment for the diseases, if followed properly, but the first aim of ayurvedam is to keep the people healthy physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

One can enjoy this life fully by following an Ayurved lifestyle.

About Sanskruti Ayurvedam

Best Ayurvedic Clinic in Bhuj, Kutch

Sanskruti Ayurvedam is ayurvedic hospital for Agnikarma, Panchkarma, Garbhsanskar, Shirodhara, Virechan, Stress Management, Pain Management treatment in Bhuj Kutch.

We provide all ayurvedic treatment and therapies which can be defined as a system which suggests the inherent principles of nature, to help maintain health in a person by keeping the individual’s body mind & spirit in perfect equilibrium with nature.

Our ayurvedic doctor provide Agnikarma & all other pure Ayurveda Treatment services.

Everyone should be healthy & happy is our motto. We present lectures, group talks, radio talks, social media talks, articles as a part of social health awareness activity.

Suvarna prashan is available on every pushya nakshatra.

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Ayurvedic Hospital | Dr Deval Jethva | Sanskruti Ayurvedam

Successful Ayurvedic Treatments We Provide

Sanskruti Ayurvedam is known for the best Ayurveda treatment in Bhuj, Kutch. A highly motivated and dedicated team of Ayurvedic doctors and therapists ensure the highest levels in the quality of treatment and therapeutic preparations. Ayurvedic treatments are done only after consultation with our experienced Ayurvedic doctors.

Agnikarma Treatment in Bhuj Kutch


Agnikarma is a scientific procedure, done locally on various body parts, with specially designed ``Shalaka`` of vari...
Panchkarma Treatment in Bhuj Kutch


Panchkarma is not only clearsing process, but also balancing process to our body as well as our mind.
Garbh Sanskar Treatment in Bhuj Kutch


Garbh Sanskar is very important sanskar from 16 sanskaras of Indian tredition. One should become a parent by choice...
Shirodhara Treatment in Bhuj Kutch


Shirodhara is a very suthing process, conducted in very clean & calm atmospher at our panchkarma centre
Ayurvedic Medicines

Virechan & Ayurved Medicine

Virechan is a very useful procedure among the panchkarmas. In today's lifestyle, most of the people suffer an...
Stress Managment Treatment in Bhuj Kutch

Stress Management

Stress is part of today's life. work pressure, work-family balance, disturbed and late sleep, excessive use of mobile...
Pain Managment Treatment in Bhuj Kutch

Pain Management

Any physical pain like migraine, headache, backache, knee pain, generalised body pain, shoulder pain et...
Beauty Wellness in Bhuj Kutch

beauty and wellness

We treat skin disorders, pimples & also provide skin care, face care, hair care, foot care, body massage & aroma in pu...

Sanskruti Aayurvedam's Multipurpose Winter care cream

Sanskruti Aayurvedam’s “Multipurpose Winter care cream” gently takes care of your skin with the goodness of kesar, palash, shalmali, kumkumadi oil, bala ashwagandha oil. It preserve moisture for a long time without stickiness. It gives you smooth, healthy, shining and glowing skin. Effective in cracked heels too.  Read More

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Ayurvedic Hospital | Dr Deval Jethva | Sanskruti Ayurvedam

Dr. Deval Jethwa MD

Dr Deval Jethwa has completed BAMS from a very well known GAU, Jamnagar (Gujarat) and post-graduation – MD Ayurveda from RGUHS, Karnataka.

She is practising Ayurveda with pure ayurvedic medicines and therapies since 7 years.

She has a very deep knowledge of the subject and she aims to promote the Ayurved lifestyle in society.

Sanskruti Ayurvedam - Best Ayurvedic Center at Bhuj, Kutch

Our classical Ayurveda hospital – the Sanskruti Ayurvedam Hospital at Bhuj, Kutch Extension- is a best ayurvedic hospital that offers comprehensive Kerala style Ayurveda medical care for Agnikarma, Panchkarma, Garbhsanskar, Shirodhara, Virechan, Stress Management and Pain Management treatment.

our all ayurvedic treatment are rendered by a team of highly trained Ayurveda care givers under the supervision of a team of senior Ayurveda doctor with a collective experience of over years in Ayurveda based medical management.


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